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Ouadie Akaaboune

Realtor at Evolve Real Estate

Ouadie Akaaboune (waa·dee) Honest. Savvy. Strong financial acumen. Fierce negotiator. Detail-oriented. These are just a few words clients and business associates have used to describe Ouadie when asked what it’s like to work with him. Beyond the recommendations and the results, you will find a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional who puts clients’ financial and real estate interests at the forefront of all decisions.

To do that requires an in-depth knowledge of real estate contracts and language, negotiation skills, construction quality and industry, the use of integrated marketing platforms, insight into resale potential, a great education and most off all – great mentors and influencers. Ouadie holds a Ph.D in accounting with an emphasis in analytics and is a professor at a state university in Texas where he is dedicated to helping students maximize their potentials.

Prior to entering academia, Ouadie spent over 10 years in the private sector where he progressed through various financial and sales management positions acquiring extensive experience in financial analytics, marketing, and managerial accounting. He poses a set of unique skills that allow him to articulate and teach at all levels that is why having his caliber of expertise from a financial standpoint is extremely beneficial. Whether you have a complex or simple situation, you will find it extremely valuable to have someone with his level of expertise and knowledge who has a great understanding of finance, investments, and accounting. Ouadie has built his business on: dedication, communication, determination, and trust. No one will work harder for you than Ouadie

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