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Mark A. Peña


Mark A. Peña is an ambitious professional with a strong background in the legal field. He has obtained an associate’s degree and a paralegal certificate, showcasing his dedication to expanding his knowledge and skills in this area. Mark’s passion for commercial real estate led him to join Evolve, where he aims to gain valuable experience and insights in this industry.

Prior to joining Evolve, Mark worked for Harris County Attorney, where he gained practical experience in the legal field. This experience further fueled his desire to pursue a career in law, specifically focusing on commercial real estate.

To further his educational journey, Mark has enrolled at the University of Houston. He is committed to earning his bachelor’s degree and is eager to attend law school afterward. Mark’s determination and drive make him a promising candidate for success in his chosen field.

Overall, Mark A. Peña is a motivated individual who combines his academic achievements with real-world experience to pave the way for a fulfilling career in law and commercial real estate.